Review: The Big Sick

The wife and I went to see the movie THE BIG SICK last night, with fairly low expectations for comedy (unlike what we expected for the Netflix drama "Friends from College", an irritating and dark bore. A must-skip event!).


Kumail Nanjiani, formerly known from the tv shows Portlandia, Bobs Burgers, and Franklin & Bash, stars in this somewhat biographical story of an up and coming comedien who meets this woman that kind of blows his mind. 

He, of Pakistani origin, finds her worlds apart from what he has known.

A one-night stand turns into something more... until she gets sick. 

It's mostly formalaic for the most part, but a nice story all the same.

The main character is a little annoying with his lying (for convenience really) and the love interest Emily (played by unknow by me actress Zoe Kazan) is a sweet and charming lady.


Of course the American and Muslim traditions clash a little, but for the story here it worked nicely.

The Pakistani mother is the typical type mom who tries to set up her youngest son with women in hopes of making a match (in this case a match for an arranged marriage).


The father is surprising more of the in-touch type you do not usually see (usually the dad is cold, distant, unemotional) and the mom more like the traditional father role. Go fig.


We meet the parents of refreshing Emily (ala Holly Hunter and Ray Romano... and well played I gotta say and I am not fan of either actor) when Emily ends up in a coma in the hospital.


The interactions between Kumail and EMily's parents is a good thing, but you cannot help but to think you know how all of this ends.

Girl gets better, then swears him off, although the parents like 'ol boy.


Yeah, it's formulaic but it does have a nice ending, so there's that!


Not a bad movie, not too terribly annoying characters, and although you can see where the storyline is gonna go easily enough, it's a nice distraction from the days stresses and pressures.


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Comments (5)

  1. sarahb1218

    I’m seeing this movie over the wknd, I must know (now) if they end up together! If she’s going to dump him I’ll skip it. The next must see rom-com will be Home Again w/Reese Witherspoon.

    July 17, 2017
    1. knights68

      they end up together

      July 17, 2017
  2. sarahb1218

    I didn’t really like it much. I would have preferred a more definite ending.

    July 20, 2017
    1. knights68

      oh? Yeah, the ending was more implied (before the pics of the actual couple). How would you have ended the movie? I thought they could have explored a little more of the making up in NY part. Sorry that you didn’t like much of it. I found it so-so, but for reasons that had nothing to do with the movie or actors (reminded me of things that made me sad). But I digress.

      July 20, 2017
      1. sarahb1218

        Yes, it made me sad as well. It made me want to take a drink 😯 I would have liked to see a more definite ending. As you said, seeing them actually making up….I would have liked to also see his parents coming around as well. Holly Hunter didn’t age well. Oh, I did like the pictures at the end.

        July 21, 2017