It's settled.... for now

Ah yes, finally.... a resolution, if only temporary.

Work has come through. Next week I can begin working from home (2 days a week).

It all came to a head the other day.... when I was to meet with my supervisor, as well as the Program Director and the new Healthcare Admin. We were to discuss the telecommute plan, answer any of their questions and concerns and hopefully, get their blessings to proceed. Everything else was lined up to this point, the laptop and docking station purchased as well as a monitor and keyboard and mouse. Everyone has been tentative, hesitant up to now and uncertain on how this pilot program will go, if it even gets started.

The paperwork has been turned in, the necessary products purchased and set up... now this final hoop to jump through... meet with the big dogs, the top dog, and pitch the idea that we have our crap together, processes in place and we're ready to roll!

Of course prior to this meeting I had some kickback from my supervisor, as noted briefly in my previous post. She was hesitant because it would make more work for her as she could not fluff off stuff onto others, or onto me really. And I discovered shortly before the meeting that it was she that suggested I work from home Tuesdays and Thursday during the initial first month of this pilot program.

For me, this was a disaster in the making. In theory, I would have to travel 2 hours in the mornings of Mon, Wed and Fri into the office, and those evenings traverse another 2 hours back home. In her mind (IMO, screw how I feel or how it inconveniences me (not to mention the $100 a week expense and the toll on car and me it'll take), just so long as this is'nt inconvenient for her.

I had shared my thoughts with my former supervisor, of whom I carry a large amount of respect for and sincerely miss working with him. He was totally on my side as far as working from home Thurs and Friday and that this every other day into the office was nonsense.

Just before the meeting I was unsure what I'd say and was convinced I'd have three people to plead my case instead of two.

The meeting went well, and my supervisor and I presented a united front. We stated our case, indicated the processes we will take (which most are already in place and have beenso for quite some time) and the contingencies in the event a hardware/software issue came up.

The weekdays in office versus out was addressed, she she indicated that our first agreement was Mon,Wed,Fri in the office but we have since altered that to reflect more consistent Mon-Wed in office, Thurs and Fri work from home, and if any issue arises, I can just visit the office as needed.

At the end of the meeting, the two big kahuna's indicated they were reassured, proceed further and ultimately their ongoing concern (as would be with any business) is to show that this pilot program is efficient, effective and resulting in positive results (for them to report back to their superiors). That's their only concern... to be able to show we're accomplishing something positive. No worries there!

After the meeting, my former supervisor visited me in my office and asked how things went. I remarked it went way way better than I had imagined. He smiled and mentioned that he had a talk with my supervisor just before the meeting. He mentioned that he understood my side, thought the every other day in office was nuts (my word) and pretty much just kind of made her see the error of her ways. Perhaps he reassured her in a way, communicated to her in a way that I could/did not and she got a better understanding. Whatever the case, I sincerely appreciate the efforts of my former supervisor... and continues to prove how awesome of a guy he is. He has went to bat for me once or twice before (I never asked him to) in the nearly 4 years I have been at this place. He carries weight and a large amount of respect, which is even more awesome. More on him at a later date.

So as of this next Monday, the pilot program begins. Thursday will be my first day working from home.

Mon-Wed, I will be working from the office, but it is my intent to work from the office using the remote equipment in an effort to "break it in" and work out any kinks that may occur instead of waiting to Thursday. So if anything happens, we can address it more quickly as I will be here in the office.

This weekend I shall return home and finish setting up my office and final prep begin (internet speed and/or modem is my last thing to worry with).


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Comments (4)

  1. Bettymom

    This is all very exciting! Sounds like you’ve done it. And as you do well from home, I predict that you’ll be given the go-ahead to spend more work days there. Good luck!

    March 09, 2017
    1. knights68

      Thanks, I hope it turns out well

      March 09, 2017
  2. SEC

    March 09, 2017
  3. notthinking

    Awesome! Glad you can cut-down on those awful commutes.

    March 10, 2017