Cat person

Hi, my name is Marvin.... and I am a cat person.

Yep, I have been harboring this secret for years. I have denied this fact of myself for a decade or more, tryingt o talk myself into the thought almost daily that I am a dog person.  I like dogs as they are more rugged, you can get down on the floor and wrestle with 'em. They are more attentive to you and come to you when you call them.

I tried cats in my twenties, even though all my life I grew up around dogs. I had an older friend who was the classic definitioon of a "cat lady" and I tried it out one summer. It was ok, but the two I got turned into about 20 within a years time... but even then, they were well... like cats. They were into their own thing and when it convenienced them, they'd pay attention and interact with me.

But my thirties hit, I got briefly married and I guess that phase went away. But my thoughts still went back to cats. 

I thought I got over it.... and again tried to convince myself I was a dog guy.Dogs were more fun, more active, they were what I was supposed to like. Everyone in my family had dogs.... I came from a long line of people who were dog people. They had dogs... granted a majority of them didn't deserve to have a pet rock much less a dog (on how they treated/mistreated/neglected them) but all the same, dogs were the thing.

I thought I was so against the idea of being a cat person that I got two little puppies, one last chance to prove to myself I liked dogs and that was how I was to be.

But those times... that two month span... wore me down on the fact that I was NOT a dog person. I tried, I fought it hard. I went to dog parks, tried to make friends who were dog people, did the things dog people did, yet.... it wasn't a good fit. After I returned the dogs (they were loaned to me by a friend to see if it stuck) and I convinced myself that I will just no longer own a pet (dog).

A decade later, I met a woman. Isn't that how all these stories begin, or end?

She had two cats. Once was an awesome gray tabby, feral but a large good looking cat. The other was a black and white cat, so very friendly. The feral one never showed his face the first time I went over to my future wifes apartment.... he didn't show his face until my second visit... and that was it. I was hooked.

Unfortunately one day, my future wife got the call from the vet that the black and white, well, she got the terminal call and I was there to comfort her... and the kitty.

After a short while, she decided to get a third cat (another black and white)... to help cushion with the transition for when the inevitable happened (a year later.... 9 months after the docs said it would).

So now I had three cats I appreciated in their own uniqueness. I also appreciated that they liked their space and didn't crowd me. When they were ready to associate, so be it. Most of the time it was when I too was ready.

A year later, the gray tabby passed away, and I was unhappy. Not depressed and sullen as my wife (she had the black and white for 20 years, the gray one for 15 years!) but I missed 'ol boy. He was soft and cuddly and we gave each other space. He was one cool cat.

My wife was convined she'd never have another cat as her heart couldn't take this. I was saddened about the losses, they were great souls and enjoyed them being in my life and teaching me that I can be a cat person, if just between me and them.

A year later, we adopted two small dogs. I was hesitant but thought... "hey, I am a dog guy so this should be a breeze" (forgetting everything I learned in the last 20 years).

I quickly was reminded that I just do not have the patience to be a dog person. I do not have the energy to be that attentive to them as they need. Oh sure, we can curl up on the couch, they can sleep at the foot of my bed, and we can play the occassional 2 minute game of fetch, but otherwise.... they are a pain! An annoyance.High maintenance, I suppose one could say.

About 2 years ago we adopted two cats.... and they have been great to have around. The second black and white, Ms. MoneyPenny, is still around and is the veteran (Queen) of the household. Her needs outweigh everyone elses. If she wants to get in your lap.... best get reconciled with that quickly as it is gonna happen! lol

Cats in general are low maintence. A fact I did not fully realize until I met Spencer (the gray tabby) and Kate "Katie Cat" (the first black and white).

Now that my wife are quasi separated (distance-wise) I miss those cats. I miss their softness, I miss their craziness and goofy selves, I miss watching them sleep, curled up in a ball of fur on the back of the couch or in their little beds, or on the bed on me.

The dogs, I cannot care as much for, but they register on my meter of course. Just not anywhere near the cats. If a cat and a dog ran away today, I'd miss the cat way way more. 

So there ya have it.... I am a cat person now. 


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Comments (6)

  1. nico44l

    We have a cat for years now, himalayan cat. The last 2 months we have also a dog, but oh well, dogs are just not my style, cats are the rulers of the universe.

    March 14, 2017
    1. knights68

      They are different, cats and dogs. Cats are more “their own thing” types and dogs, well, they are not. lol

      March 14, 2017
      1. nico44l

        Dogs , well our dog, is whining all the time for walk and reminds me also of me when it comes to food, he can eat everything till he blows up..!!!

        March 14, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    I like animals. I prefer them in their proper places. To me cats belong in the barn, hunting mice & spiders, dog belong in the yard unless they’re obnoxious toy dogs in which case they belong in an even more obnoxious woman’s purse. Fish & children are the only animals I think should be kept in the house & children only at night.

    March 14, 2017
  3. knights68

    I believe it is more accurate that Cats Reign! lol

    March 14, 2017