A second thought

I am still waiting to get the green light to work from home. Stupid delays between IT and OIT are what the hold up is now. Apparently they do not communicate with each other.

Anyway, a thought I had been thinking about in recent days... maybe even in the last week or two.

Maybe I am getting used to this set up I have going on right now.

A house, wife and pets on the weekend two hours away from work... and during the weekdays staying at my moms or my brothers house while traversing back and forth to work (an hour each way).

I have adapted in recent weeks to that to what IS as opposed to what I'd like or want or hope.

I have made the best of a situation... though not entirely sure if it is a bad thing or a good thing.

I have a part tme marriage, part time living accommodations in two different towns, andone full time job. I am enjoying more of the daily 1-hour drives, and the 2 hour drive Friday after work to my weekend setup and the 2 hour drive Sunday evening heading back to my temporary weekday digs.

I sunno, maybe some (Paging Dr. 'Becca) would say something like I am sumply avoiding, putting off that decision that needs to be made. A line in the sand, choose a path in the fork in the road.

Simply putting off something that needs to be done, as scary and painful as it may be.

For now, I am starting to enoy all of this "part time" participation in my mos/brother/wife's life. The best and worst of both worlds while still maintaining the job I have which I enjoy when people leave me alone to actually do the job.

I am just not sure 

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